Below is a list of airlines we currently support Roster uploads from. The logbook function of Complete Aviation can be used by users from any airline.

If you can’t find your airline on this list, please feel free to contact us and we will look to supporting your roster as soon as possible.

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BA Cityflyer 🛠️

Coming soon… Our developers are busily working in the background to get BA Cityflyer roster support added. Stay tuned.

British Airways

Experience the best with our British Airways eMaestro integration – roster importing and seamless flight logging. Effortlessly combine rostered data with ACARS/ADS-B data for streamlined flight records. Optimize your journey with ease.


Coming soon… Our developers are busily working in the background to get DHL UK roster support added. Stay tuned.


Discover the essential tools for easyJet crew – direct roster import and effortless AIMS eCrew logging. Quickly record your last month, week, day, or specific time frame for seamless flight management. Embrace efficiency with our easyJet eCrew integration.

TUI Airways

Designed with TUI Airways pilots and crew in mind, the app helps streamline your busy life. It decodes rosters, considers TUI-specific duties like blank days, and works directly with TUI OFP to log your flights, including FDP, fuel, and passenger numbers. This is your dedicated companion app for effortless flying.