Crew Roster

Our crew roster feature enables you to import and share your roster with ease, ensuring that you always stay on top of any changes.

View your roster in multiple formats and easily decode key information that’s important to you and your working day.

Airlines with Roster Support

List View

Group 383

Let's Focus On You

The list view shows your roster in clear written English. Just scroll to find the day you want and get all the essential information you need.

Group 385

When is Your Next Duty?

Our app calculates the time between your duties, allowing you to plan your rest and downtime more effectively.

Group 384

Your Roster, Your Choice

View times on your roster according to your preference. Choose to view times in Local, Zulu, or a combination of both. Never get timezone confusion again!

Group 11143 (1)

Duty Highlights

We understand the importance of quick and easy access to key information on your roster. That's why our app uses a colour coded system to help you instantly recognise different duties and important information.

Social View

Group 392

Different Airlines, One Display

Request to add friends from different airlines and view their rosters in a uniformed language. No more confusion over Standbys, Reserves or Available Days.

Group 396

Select Your Favourites

Choose which friends to favourite and keep at the top of your display. Use our drag and drop feature to further prioritise the order.

Group 393

Easily See Common Days Off

We know how difficult it is trying to line up days off with flying colleagues. Roster Social View helps you maintain a healthy work life balance, by allowing you to visually compare days off with your friends.

Calendar View

Group 398

"Are you free on the 24th?"

Get a clear view of the month ahead and effectively plan your work like balance.


Quick Glance

With our colour coded duty tiles a quick glance is all thats needed to see when you're flying, at home or in the sim.

Trip Information

Group 398

Get Detailed

Report time, Departure and Arrival airports and block time info. The Trip Display screen shows you all the detail with none of the clutter.

Group 400

TUI Airways Hotel Info

Get ahead of the game and see which hotel you’re staying at, make those down route plans before you’ve even departed.

Group 399

Trip Brief

Our app conveniently collates the vital information for your flight. Weather, NOTAMs and Airport Info right when you need it.

Group 11139

Map View

Get a quick glance of your flight route and see the countries you fly over.